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Default Re: David Icke on Coast to Coast tonight!

i was listening live but had to go to sleep for work. im listening now its on youtube already. David icke's book the biggest secret is basically what got me started on this. im gone back and forth on whether i believe the reptilian bit or better to say ive gone through different ways of interpreting it (interdimensional, energetic possesion,real 3d lizzards) but ive always had great respect for dave. i hear kerry and bill plan on interviewing him soon, cant wait for that. im sure they will give the annunaks the attention the subject deserves. speaking of annunaks, would you guys say the nibiru connection is pretty much disinfo or what? i never really held much stake in nibiru but i def looked it over a bit. david icke is awesome!! and george noorys voice is the greatest. a couple nights ago there was the egyptologist Robert Bauval who noticed the orion connection. see if it gets on youtube too.
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