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Default Crystal Power

So I had a nice long conversation with someone a couple nights ago, and he said he was at a kind of low key festival/gathering where they had a giant piece of quartz crystal cluster, about 18 in x 30 in, where they put a wood board and metal plate on top of the cluster, and then had a set of christmas lights wired up to the cluster, and it lit them up.

Now, what I can imagine here is the metal and wood (basic organite), are pulling on each other, with metal repelling energy, and wood attracting energy. Now, anyone who does Reiki or energy work, are probably familiar with their hand chakras, and the connection between them. People usually describe the feeling as a sort of heating, while I say it's more like a slight pressure.

Either way, the theory I am putting forth is the pushing and pulling of the materials on the quartz crystal cause the quartz's piezoelectric effect to be stimulated, generating the electricity. I am also guessing this is how the radionics machines are run.

Taking this idea a step further, I want to try this with tourmaline, most likely in a octehedron mold (might do a crystalline hexagonal mold, as that reflects tourmalines structure) of organite.

And the idea with Tourmaline came to me after I could only find this article relating to tourmaline's own piezoelectric effect. Also, my home state of Maine is one of the largest deposits of tourmaline in the world (we also got quartz crystal, amethyst, gold, and silver ;p). It may have some other interesting effects.
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