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Default Re: Please Reply to this Thread to get your Area added.

South Africa

Now that I know that “all life is a stage”, that I have seen through the illusions and urgency of our time what can I do to empower myself and others? There is Knowing, then there is Doing and Being. Now that I Know, what am I to Do? My answer? Just walk away from the illusion and deception of the money trap, turn away from “the system”. This new World Order pyramid of power and manipulation is build upon You and Me at the base. If enough of us step out of it, this pyramid will come crumbling down.

We stand on a threshold of a New World paradigm... I am walking away from the Old paradigm…hopeful that I will discover more of my true self while exploring new concepts of existence and enjoying the flow of life…I am off in three weeks time in search of a rural eco community of like-minded indivduals who want to co-create a new reality and live self sufficiently…so please, if you are in Southern Africa and interested to link up, leave a message.

If not me, Then Who?
If not now, Then When?

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