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Default Re: A LOVE boost for Karen : a call to all

Thank you everyone.
For the last 4 years I have had a terrible time not being able to go to sleep and waking up a lot and then not being able to go back to sleep. I can spend 10 hours in bed and feel like I slept about 4 of them. I've tried all kinds of stuff - melatonin, herbs, etc. I'm a natural health nut and always looking stuff up. Unfortunately I seem to get the most help from benedryl and advil.

Now I seem to be getting more and more allergic to vitamin C, even in food - and my gut for the last month or two, has just been roiling and carrying on with pain and all sorts of irregularity, making it ever more difficult to sleep.

I live in the Eastern Oregon boondocks hours from any metropolitan centers, and there is very little available for alternative care, and I'm not a money chaser, so there's no money for that anyway.

Soooooo.......I'll accept all your love and best wishes as a healing balm and like a mega NLP session to reset the allergies to the time before the traumas that caused them, and the sleeping back to the time I would hit the pillow and simply sleep.

Thank you, thank you,
Many blessings,
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