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Default Re: Alone in South America?

Hi Asteram,

I am not sure how to interpret the question ... I guess the reason I am on Aruba and left The Netherlands a little more than 5 years ago
is that I intuitively felt I had to leave. I have felt to leave the Netherlands all my life.

Currently I am self employed (I am a software engineer, programming websites) and trying to keep life as simple as possible.
So far I can't complain. I see some friends already in trouble being layed off and not getting paid their salary etc.
I also have a lot of flexibility to alter my schedule when necessary and have good opportunity to research etc.

This year for the first time I did not go on holiday to the Netherlands. bad luck, since the Camelot crew will be meeting there soon.

Till now I have been speaking openly with lots of people about things that are going on. I must say indeed the majority is
not ready for this.

However, a small but growing group is ...
I am thinking about doing a lecture or so on a local high-school in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I am personally preparing by growing my own food, work on alternative energy and extract water from the humid air.


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