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Originally Posted by recallone View Post
Is it, though? It seems to me that a statement like that, while absolutely backed up by a couple of religions, is inaccurate in that it endorses the illusion of time. Like, once you've experienced this, this, and that - THEN you're ready for enlightenment. The more I let go of preconceived notions that are TAUGHT by the very system that seeks to control me and go inside for the answers, the more I understand that alleged process of enlightenment is one of many flawed beliefs that serves to tie us to this dimension of polarity and limitation. While I don't believe it's necessary, I do see the value in it. I used to hold to the idea that in order to truly appreciate what it is to smile, you have to get kicked in the teeth a few times first. Where polarity is concerned, I think its accurate to a point...but not so much in the grand scheme of things.


The whole thing takes place within. There are no true answers that can be had outside of oneself. There may be things that help to point the way, but our ego's inclination to attach itself to the person, book, whatever - is very strong and people still get themselves tripped up on it - more or less still keeping them mired in illusion that a process is involved, or that there is a certain way to achieve it through music, meditation, and so on.
It's an amazing experience, that's all I really know for sure. Trying to figure it out while dismissing the ego's input is a great, big, beautiful puzzle. I love it.

Tony Parsons is being discussed on another thread HERE. In true synchronistic form, what I've been stumbling around trying to explain in a couple of different conversations has been very eloquently explained in the recent interview with Michael St. Clair (on Coast to Coast) and then again by Tony Parsons. I'd never heard of Tony Parsons prior to a couple of days ago, by the way. Good stuff. Audio Page.

Recallone I said that suffering is part of the path..Not that it has to be in order to find enlightment. We do not need to suffer to be blessed. But when we see things as they truly are from the heart and soul then " suffering " is a blessing as much as the " joy " of watching the sunrising. Things just are in the NOW.
Once viewed in the realm of oneness " good " and " bad " are recognized as being part of one unified energy field.

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