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Default Re: Everyone should watch this...

Suffering is part of the path to enlightement. We should bless our "enemies" because they give us an opportunity to bounce back on the good that we are and express our soul qualities. Those counter forces they will hit us again again and manifest around us until we realize that if there is one " real " enemy it lays within ourselves and that the fastest way to have peace in the world is by finding peace within and demonstrating it without.

What striked me in Steve's video is that no blood was shed and no killing took place. Did these wild animals gather for the occasion of having humans watching them and make this scenario to teach them something? The lions they rescued the small buffalo from the water and gave him a chance by sitting next to him rather then devore him straight away.And they then allowed the pack to come back as a group and chase them away. In the beginning the pack of buffalos ran away in fear and a baby was lost..In the end the pack came back in strengh and the baby was saved..No signs of rage or ferocity but just strengh and dignity in both camps.

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