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Default Re: Predictions for 2010 by Economic Prophets

Hi Swanny,

the great problem with debt is that with hyper inflation, the debt just balloons out of proportion. What last month was 4% of your income becomes 8% this month and 16% next and so one (just as the US and UK finds themselves now).

Then the other 'men in black' come knocking at your door looking for you.

Then they carry you away to the small house and you still have to pay the debt when you get out.

Then the whole scenário starts again.

It's far better to keep out of the system free and clean than trying to play the system for your benefit.

A wise old man once told me, "If you owe nobody anything, you're one of the richest men on the planet".

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Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
If it's all going to crash why do they keep saying to pay off your debts??
If you die in debt you made a profit
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