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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer - The Promise Of New Energy 2009

“Creating a Council of intergalactic relations, bypassing the useless world’s governments and establishing the formal relations with extraterrestrial civilizations” (Greer), should be the best way for humanity in this situation. This is best way to make a great pressure about the disclosure. There are enough evolved groups of humans around the world that would be able for this.
Of course, The System has its own plans. Since The System is under pressure, they are trying to find a best way for them to make some kind of PARTIAL disclosure in order to be able to stay in power on this planet. But it won’t work.
What is now needed is firm organization and gathering among prominent pro-disclosure factors on the planet, using all the connections and influence to create a dominant public opinion that will scare the political leaders and structures. No vanity is allowed, nor ego-trips.

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