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Wink Re: Strange lights again

Originally Posted by Ammit View Post
Hi all

I see on a regular basis lights around the hills where i live, luckily this time my wife saw it too.

It just came off the hill and slowly climbed, my wife said it was a helicopter, but i made her aware that there was no noise, she then commented about people lighting things to helium ballons and letting them go, the wind was in the oposite direction.

It was a flame colour, sort of twinkling like a fire with no smoke. I could make no shape of it until luckily it past a gap in the clouds and I saw it much better, it looked like an eye, the typical reported saucer shape in light grey with the flame coloured glow in the middle, like an eye.

It kept slowly going up until it dissapeared.

Never seen one like that before. I have in the past seen silver balls, black triangles with lights on each corner etc. They usually make the news paper so i will wait and see.


Hi Ammit, what you saw is exactly what my partner and saw this evening. I have noticed quite a few strange goings on in the skys of late.
I went to Egypt on holiday in 2007. On the plane home I saw 7 silver coloured orbs following the plane for around 90 miniutes.
Another time whilst taking my grandmother for coffee one evening we noticed 6 red lights in the sky in a vertical line. They remained stationary for around 20 mins, then dissapeared.
I just hope they really make there presence known to the entire world sooner rather than later.
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