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Default Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

Could they be more damaging than useful?

Most people wear their cell phones on their hip, could these devices be messing with the Root Chakras? After all, many people seem to have problems in this area.

Do you think wireless head devices (blue tooth) are tampering with the crown, 3rd eye and throat chakras?

What about HDTV’s? Have you ever thought that subliminal messages were being sent thru these stronger signals?

IPods and mp3 players are constantly in the ears of the populace, I wouldn’t be surprise if they were being used to corrupt the mind too.

I’m almost certain computers have ill affects on people, other than keeping the masses in cyberspace and complacent. Many literally and willingly place them selves inside of the Matrix and have forgotten about reality…and that’s probably not the worst of it.

All of these electronic devices deal with frequencies…so there could be a chance that they are secretly manipulating and causing the chaos in world.

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