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Default Re: Chaos besets 9/11 court hearing

Originally Posted by no caste View Post
I hadn't heard anthrax thrown in with Cheney's name yet. As for these 'hearings,' I can't remember the name of the military prosecutor who quit in disgust last year. I'd like to see it all turned (the tables).

Cheney linked to anthrax attacks, torture, domestic spying, and giving Dick a bad name.

In another piece of evidence that justice is alive and well in the state of Vermont even as it was put on hold for eight years under the Cheney-Bush regime, Senator Patrick Leahy’s calling for a Truth Commission to investigate whether or not crimes were committed by the likes of Cheney.

Leahy has been such a thorn in Cheney’s side, trying to investigate the Haliburton war profiteering, trying to stop the Patriot Act from being rammed through Congress, that Cheney once famously told him to **** off. But was Cheney also trying to scare Leahy into silence with Anthrax? There was a Daily Kos article last month putting together some of the evidence that Leahy may have been singled out for the Anthrax attacks that hit the nation during all this, attacks that eerily targeted Democrats who opposed what the Bushies were doing in the name of security.
I can't believe that people are telling Pat to move on. I support the truth commission but I don't think that it'll go anywhere without the support of folks like Ron Paul and so forth.

Some people call Vermont a socialist paradise but in reality, this is also the state of the Green Mountain Boys and other freedom-loving folks.
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