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Default Re: Preparing for the [possible] Grid Collapse

Hi there Alkhemist,

You might think about changing the title to "Preparing for Internet Collapse" as my first reaction was that you were talking about the electrical grid.

Making a list of addresses does not sound like a good idea , vague locations i think will surfice, if there is any clamp down on comunications you donīt really want to tell everyone where you are.

BUt on a positive note there are wifi systems for creating local NETs to cover a town etc see . where i live we held the wifi distance record some 80 kms i believe from one island to another. I am also a Radio Ham , and would suggest an agreement of times , frequencies that we could use to comunicate between ourselves. I have a hf tranciever and could quite easily comunicate around the world from my car. The first step would be to choose our Avalon Frequencies and the times when activity might take place.,

There is also what is called packet radio. This is a radio system for sending data , i crude form of internet without wires, the point is that if you have a black out in your area it would be possible to get messages out via internet gateways located on the other side of the Planet.
If we do have a great aroral display at the next sunspot maxima in 2012 , propogation should be really really good LOL.

Love and peace to all
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