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Default Re: Burma junta leader snubs UN chief

About Burma, I lifted this from another forum the other day. Sorry, I didn't copy the link. I didn't know about Pepsi... huh?

To keep the Burmese Generals in check by the 60's they were a bunch of very uppity millionaires the CIA expanded to buying poppy from Hmong villagers in Laos which they refined right there in VietNam in Pepsi factories. (You saw it in the Mel Gibson movie, Air America. I know you didn't believe it. It was beyond imagination but it happened.)

Parenthetically, today, "Free Burma" activists at American colleges wonder why Pepsi keeps doing biz in such a nasty country. They want a trade blocade and Pepsi won't cooperate. Heck, Pepsi RUNS the drug machine in Asia. During the Nixon years, Pepsi bottling companies were used for refining the tar into powder. Go see AIR AMERICA. It's all there. PEPSI, bold as brass.

A Pepsi Co. chairman was Nixon's most excellent pal ever since days when Nixon was White House Case Officer on Cuba during the Eisenhower administration. Nixon broke champagne bottles at Pepsi plant openings regularly after he and Ike left Washington until he returned to DC as president, with a decade between posts giving him time to do some serious bonding with Pepsi. In that time, Dick also ran around with his Cuban-exile crew who worked for the CIA, doing the worst kinds of mischief: murdering Che Guevara, downing commercial Cuban planes and killing JFK.
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