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Default Re: Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet.

Hi Antaletriangle,

My nephew and his wife are selling a rather interesting eco friendly water saving & multi cleaner urinal product which can reduce water usage of your lavatory up to 99%!

Shameless plug, I know, but it will save people who are on this 'pay to flush' scheme an awful lot of money.

The link is:

"Eco-pod can cut your water usage upto 99% ... and saves you money on your water and sewerage bill! The average urinal, flushing every 15 minutes wastes 151,000 litres of water a year. In the UK this can costs around 250 per urinal per annum. Using eco-pod this is reduced by 99%. When you multiply the savings per urinal by the number of urinal bays in your premises, the overall savings can be substantial.

Price includes 70 Eco-Pods per tub also a 5ltr Eco-Clean

Example: A small hotel or pub could save 982,800 litres a year (1,670).

Ideal for government buildings,councils,pubs,clubs,schools,hospital's,f actories generally anywhere there are numerous amounts of urinals.

Implementation of the eco-pod system and the savings are immediate. There is no capital outlay on equipment costs or disruption to the urinals or washroom facilities. Simply turn off your water, place one eco-pod in each urinal bowl, and then follow an easy cleaning regime and let our natural organic friendly microbes get to work!

An eco-pod system urinal is a healthy urinal. It is also more hygienic. Unlike a full flushing urinal (which send bacteria flying through the air like an aerosol) the eco-pod system allows the urinal surfaces to stay dryer, depriving unfriendly bacteria of the moisture and places they need to form permanent colonies.

The eco-pod system doesn’t just mask the problem of bad odours… it fixes them…naturally! There is now no need for expensive sanitisers, air fresheners or toxic deodorant blocks.

The eco-pod system is 100% biodegradable and completely sewerage safe. Our friendly microbes rapidly break down uric scale, lime scale and other unwanted deposits keeping all pipe work clear and clean, negating the need for any expensive call outs.

As the eco-pod system is so effective at eliminating uric scale and malodours the requirement for lengthy daily cleaning is reduced. Overall care and upkeep of the eco-pod system is fast, simple and easy

The daily cleaning procedure is simple, fast and importantly… chemical free. No more harmful chemical disinfectants, bleach or poisonous sanitizers are necessary. And this is good news for the environment.

The Eco-Clean is an all purpose eco-friendly cleaner without the eliments of chemicals. The product works hand in hand with the Eco-Pods. Diluted with water at a ratio of 1:20, it's ideal to clean the urinals or troughs down whilst the Eco-Pods are in situ.

IMPORTANT: Any other cleaning agent would simply kill off the bugs that are within the Eco-Pods.
If you dilute with water the Eco-Clean at a ratio 1:50, it makes a very good all purpose maintenence cleaner.



Best regards,


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I remember saying as a kid that they'll tax you on the air you breathe soon i.e. athletes pay more because of larger lung capacity etc.Nothing's safe-humans are a commodity to be made money out of-preyed upon emotionally,spiritually and physically-it's as if we're bing milked from every source-you are born then wired into the milking machine for the fat boys to feed from.

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