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Default Re: On 8-8 start up the FED - Free Energy Device project!

There is a guy who has collected various patents from the patent office.
He have a book called Hydrogen Power System.
This book is focused on Hydrogen technology. There is a non-UFO oriented version of this book with only expired public domain patents, and with a particular emphasis on hydrogen conversion of automobile engines here. I do maintain that the hydrogen technology can be applied to the UFO style craft that I have disclosed in the previous volumes of the UFO How-To series. In fact, I completely endorse/recommend having hydrogen/water power as either a primary or secondary power system for the craft. I have released the various hydrogen conversion patents that have gone public domain. The first hydrogen engines appeared in the patent office during 1930's, and the 1970's saw quite a few hydrogen engine/conversion patents also.
He also have a book called Permanent Magnet / Self powered systems
Whether one chooses to use the words

self running,

self starting,

self powered,

over unity, or

perpetual motion,

the end goal is the same:

A power system that can meet required energy needs.

In these pages are found those power systems.
He's book Esoteric power systems
In these pages are found power systems that defy conventional technology:

atomic batteries,

acoustic-magnetic power systems,

electrical recovery systems,

an engine that runs on atomic waste,

cosmic flux turbine,

the linear magnetic generator,

the electric capacitive pulse discharge engine...
He also have some other books

Here's an interview with Luke Fortune, the author of the books:

I'm not an engineer, so I havent ordered any of his books and tried to replicate any of the systems.

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