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Default Re: Enough is enough!

No disparities intended here. I am trying to make a point.

This is similar to my new question of the day: Do you like Science Fiction? Yes... then you will be here reading all this believable and unbelievable information. You will enjoy the thought provoking material. You will enjoy the "hmmm what if this is true?" You will look at the material, imagine the possibilities, and look forward to the future in the most positive way.

No? Why not? My husband says it is because Science Fiction is cranial. This material requires cranial engagement. It requires the receiver to 1) believe it 2) believe part of it 3) make a choice, pick and choose. Overall, the visitors of these forums are required to think. Think. We aren't called to do this often in our life.

I agree most of this information can be confusing, contradictory, and exciting. Stay tuned. In time, we will discover the sources of information and sources of disinformation. Won't that be something. AND from all I have read in the past several months, we will find out soon!! How exciting.
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