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Default Re: Enough is enough!

Thanks to all who replied. Regardless of if I agree with you or not, I certainly appreciate your willingness to engage. I must admit however, the more things appear to deteriorate the more I believe it necessary to corral our beliefs and feelings on reality (as true as they might be) and touch back in with earth, where 99% of people are ( whether you believe they are asleep/naive/unaware, whatever) because like it or not, folks, these potential dangers we face are absolutely real and we should not mistake this time for something it is not. evolution will occur, enlightenment will occur, but in the meantime we need to get serious in a most realistic way. I know some of you will feel sorry for me because "I don't get it" but when the thugs start rounding up your friends and family and freedom becomes an endangered species, things will get put in perspective pretty damn quick and by that time it may be too late... this is not doom and gloom it's more like aware and prepare (in a secular sense). take care everyone I sincerely hope we make it out on the otherside.
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