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Default Re: Enough is enough!

Interesting thread.
With most topics they start wide and through elimination begin to focus. However the 2012 topic is spreading wider with more and more variations. It is my belief that this is deliberate creating confusion.

I wonder did other people in different times go through similar situations imersed in their own existance.

I agree with the need to know what might happen, some sort of idea so appropriate preperations can be made. Unfortunatly I don't think that will happen there are simply to many variations. So where to look? I accept situations like when

World goverments agree to build a seed vault and can not agree to stop the staving of childern

Spend Billions of dollars on space invesigation and infared observatories.

The planet is undergoing rapid changes.

It is obvious that times are a changing. As to what might happen is still up in the air. So i will be making preperations that I feel are appropiate regardless of what others may think.

In addition I will be partcipating in an Astral Travel tuition that is being conduted by Astralwalker and go han have a look for myself.

In conclusion, as said before even if we are given the real answers they will be swamped by so much disinformation that we will always be left guessing.

The only answer for me is to keep searching hearing everything accepting nothing and let my intuition guide me.
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