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Default Re: Enough is enough!

I agree J-Bird that we cannot just sit and have happy thoughts and think we will all make it through, at least not in one piece.

However, at the same time not all the information, or rather proof there of, can be verified in the real world. Maybe some small bits of info here and there, but most 75% of what we all go on is based on hearsay, "documentaries", "whistleblowers", and other suspect information sources. Unfortunately that leads us into a position where we are forced to do what most of the religious followers on this planet do, and that is rely on blind faith. The only difference is that our "faith" is based in a scientific and often more so science fiction realm, than a spiritual realm based on written words in a spiritual text.

And just as there are people of many faiths on our planet, within the Conspiracy Theorist "faith", there are people that believe in a wide range of subjects. Just like with religion, the chances of us ever all believing the SAME THING, is astronomical. And again, just like in religion, we are all always trying to force what we think is the truth upon everyone else. Though some more subtle than others of course

The goal is to use your own gut feeling, look at all the data for yourself, and make a decision that feels right to you, in your heart. Because trust me, if there is anything I have ever learned over the past 13 years I've been interested in this type of stuff it's this..... For every 1 thing you find that makes you believe in something, there are 3 more right behind it to make you doubt it.

Most of us all KNOW with our HEARTS that something is coming. What exactly that is, we are not sure. I think the only time any one of us will know what exactly the future holds for us, is when it's happening right before our eyes.

Be strong...
Be honest...
With yourself.
Be calm...
In mind and body.
Be ready...
For anything.

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