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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

It looks like a Court Jester to me ..... the proverbial "King's Fool"..... who (if my historical fiction is a true guide in this) typically was anything but a fool, though they could play the part well. Jesters often were troubadors--singing romantic historical and mythic tales to entertain the court, often juggled, performed acrobatics, magic, etc. Another essential aspect of their court role was to serve as national historian and memory-keeper, often performing epic dramatic renditions of ancient legends for large crowds of royalty and the court groupies.Though posing as professional "entertainers," their most important job was to spy, to be the King's eyes & ears among the courtiers & courtisans of the royal court. This double-agent characteristic of the Court Fool/Jester ensured his security and success at court, as his clandestine access to everyone's secrets naturally put him in a position to weild power and influence for and against various political elements. And .... from the tales of intrigue, betrayal, war, lust and love usually associated with the courts ..... this must have been an extremely sensitive, dangerous, powerful and exciting "career path" for intelligent, daring, astute and inventive men!

Do ya'll think that sounds anything at all like Phtha?!? NAAAHH....Not Really!


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