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Default Re: Fixing what is broken, healing the damage, learning and moving on. Long live AVAL

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
I would be willing to bet that there are pieces to this whole story that none of us will ever become privy to. I am personally OK with that. I am not interested in the past or the future. I am only interested in right now.

My personal philosophy is to never allow myself to feel victimized regardless of what happens in the world around me. You never know where perceived adversity is leading to. I can assure you that using adversity as a tool for learning instead of an excuse for feeling victimized is the only way to make sure that you move through that learning lesson and onto the next one.

Everything that happens in this reality is part of the learning environment. There are no victims. Only people experiencing varying levels of karmic lessons we call adversity. My only advice to those who feel like they are being victimized by the happenings here or elsewhere is to choose not to feel this way. If you don't, you are guaranteeing yourself the same or similar lessons a short time down the road at an even higher level of intensity.
i would take it another step, tone3jaguar - i heard this
awhile back, i can't even remember from whom, but
to thank the adversary/negative/bummer for the
opportunity to grow/evolve/spiral up
- i am not just passing
this along, i actually tested it - it worked and here is how...
another person and my self had a misunderstanding and for
months ignored each other and it was all so "high school" -
this is not my path.... so every time i saw her, i thanked her,
and i was calm, and open and one day - just like that, we had
a conversation like old friends and we have been mutually
respectful ever since....
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