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Cool videos Church, thx for passing along. I'd never heard of em. It was indeed a bit heartening to see people on the street stopping to take in interest in the plight of a stranger (albeit with a megaphone ).

What's the deal with the PCSOs, are they like junior cops? Some easily obtained postion of minor authority, ripe for abuse? Hope this isn't the kinda thing that Obama wants his civilian task force deal to be doing, that would suck.

Civil disobedience is the ideal method to combat the theft of rights imo. It's like Michael Tsarion says, you have all the power but you give it away. The only reason they can get away with stealing our rights, is because we are so fragmented, there's so little sense of community that it's almost like if it's not directly affecting us right now, we don't care. Man, the amount of problems that could be solved if we all were just to realise that we are one is mind boggling.

I remember seeing that cilp in one of those videos awhile ago, the girl that stands in front of the Israeli soldier trying to take pot shots down range at Palestinian kids throwing rocks. Don't have anything profound to say there, just wanted to mention what a brave awesome chic she is.
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