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Originally Posted by Will-o'-the-Wisp View Post
Yes I have seen you in a couple of other threads and I'm very interested in meditation and focusing on my spirit, it is just that I don't really have the knowledge to do this.
Therefore I would be ever grateful if you could give any advice!

Thanks in advance /Will-o'-the-wisp
Hi Will
I will share what has and is working for me.

Not to look for a result or experience, just the joy in the moment of being in meditation.
The whole purpose is to be come single minded.
You can use a candle if you want.

Sit comfotably, in the dark, with back straight, kitchen chair ok
Candle 5ft away eye level.
Stare at light till eyes watter close eyes, the light may apear inside head in middle of fore head, if it starts to fall let it, dont follow it, looking straight ahead with eyes closed. You cn open eyes from time to time to stare at candle and repeat process.

Or without candle, with eyes closed do three Oms silently (not Aum which is lower vibration) stare ahead with eyes closed. Any thoughts that arise, let them be, dont follow or speak back to them. You are stilling the mind.
Nothing much happens till bout 30 minutes into it but to begin with 15 minutes is ok


"Practicing the Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle
"Power versus Force" by Dr David Hawkins.

Other practices

Sit on bench in park watching anything that appears in font of you, resist the urge to comment or label in anyway.

I also use the mantra "Om Nama-Shivia" with prayer beads 108 repetitions.

Do your best to surrender to God, asking "How may I serve you beloved God"

Be kind to all life, including your own, no matter what.

Humility and gratitude are good to develop

There is no need to be extreme in anything you do, balance is the key.
One thing at a time.
Thats it really.

Wishing you well

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