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Default Re: Fed Directly Threatens American citizens.

Bring it on. They work for us...or at least they should. If the Fed is nationalized...which I think it should be...the DUMB's and the Secret Space Program (and the Annunaki?) will have to be funded in another way. Do our tax dollars go to England...before they go underground? Look...I'm not opposed to the DUMB's and Advanced Spacecraft (or a cordial relationship with the Annunaki)...but bring all of this out in the open...and Stop Selling Drugs to Our Children. We keep getting $crewed, lied to, and treated like little children...and when we behave poorly...we get berated for our irresponsibility. But if our overlords are so damn smart...and we are so damn stupid...WHY DON'T THEY RUN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM PROPERLY AND ETHICALLY? HMMMMMM?

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