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Default Re: Murder, Murder, Murder.. Is That All You Know?

what, i think is, the saddest part

is this...
occurs in parts of the world
that hold great history - when the war in iran started
i remember, watching it, on TV
when they bombed out the communication grids
when they bombed some of the oldest building there
in an attempt to stop communication/and, in an attempt
to get rid of proof of ancient ways/and, ancient ways of being
and, erase parts of the world, that NEVER fell before

so much occurs, in a place/or places, that NOT many of us,
would actually ever experience/live, or travel too

i have travelled a lot of world, but, i have never been to
afghangistan (sp?) , iran, iraq ...
and, do NOT actually see what is occuring...
but, it is occuring, never-the-less

the karma that is occuring,
as, a result of what is happening,
is affecting the group collective, of what is !!!

i think, the good part, is that, a lot of us, realise this
and, in very small ways, each and everyone of us,
are shifting, the sad parts

albeit, in this world - it would appear that organised religion,
gas & oil, is NOT just a commodity, but, really a currency
and, war is the biggest business, that there is.

if this was happening in your home tome,
or, within a highly civilized country, in canada/or, the usa
or, somewhere in europe, like say, london/uk, or frankfurt, germany
or, rome,iltay, etc.,
how long would we tolerate it for ???
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