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Wink Re: Murder, Murder, Murder.. Is That All You Know?

Human DNA has been tampered with in the deep past by our ancestors. We were originally created to be a warrior like race to protect our ancestors but we were then sent to Earth in exile. We have been watched ever since. Seeded in the Earth, civilizations rise and fall.

If we can evolve and activate our DNA we can overcome the aggression. But then who will protect us? I guess we will invest in defense technology. There must be a balance in human behavior. But the bottom line is that it is all about control by our governments. With the overpopulation on the rise, there is more competition for survival. This makes it more challenging.

As we reach closer to the center of our galaxy, we will gain an opportunity to advance in our spiritual evolution. When we meet up with our higher dimensional selves, we will awaken. Once the proper technologies are used for good purposes we will be able to solve almost all our problems like curing disease, ending hunger, and creating free energy. Let us hope is not too late. Either way, Humans will learn their lesson either the easy way or the hard way.
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