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Default Re: FORBIDDEN WEBSITES! Coming your way!

Hi firefly,

The message you saw on the LZ website is sometimes posted when the site owner didn't pay their account for the use of the server, or if they tried to use more bandwidth, or space on the server that their account allows.

The Camelot site went down also due to problems with one of the programs on the server. Purely technical.

As for the Rense website I have never had any difficulty in accesing the site. It could have been a 'wires crossed' message, or even a https:// entered in to the address bar instead of a simple http://. It's difficult to say as I wasn't present when the message came up.

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Originally Posted by firefly View Post
Hi Guys,

Has anyone experienced problems opening conspiracy websites? I haven't checked all my favorites yet but I was trying to visit L Z's (illuminati) website and it comes up stating '' and on the blank page also ' please contact Billing Support'. what does this mean? It looks like the tptb don't want us to know any further and we were warned that they were going to stop access to porn sites etc. I wonder if the 'etc' means that we can no long access the conspiracy sites also, I would not be surprised.

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