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Default Re: A child's dream or prophecy?

Hi Carol this is an interesting thread, it does however ring alarm bells with me, when my son was 3 years old he had many prophetic dreams one that run for several nights was that he was on Earth in the far future helping to repair damage that an alien race had done.
For a three year old it was very precise in discription and the alien ships and robotic soldiers were scary to say the least taking in mind that there was nothing on TV or the cinema at the time i remember when Star wars movie came on at the cinema taking both our kids my son was so excited because he felt at last he could explain what he had seen in his dream.
This was the early 70's.

Of course i have often wondered whether it was a dream or an abduction from a family who has had so much contact through all our lives nothing surprises me.
But it could be a prophetic dream or as you say put into the mind of the abductee, whether taken or not they are stealing your thought patterns and reprogramming you when this takes place.
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