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Default A child's dream or prophecy?

The source is a child - a young child - very young, who awoke, went to the parents, drew drawings and painted pictures of the end of the world coming soon when the sky people turn the skies red and we all have to run and hide underground to survive.

This child predicts the sky turning red, people being sucked up into the sky, to be slaves forever and the only way to hide is going underground. Some of the drawings are of creatures this young person has seen whilst awake, and during the day time.

Is this child an abductee?

This is an interesting case due to a number of factors. Is this really a glimps into the future? Could it be an alien induced dream where the child is being used to tell of just one possible future or to induce fear to feed those negative entities that feed off of those types of emotions? Is this perhaps an opportunity to use positive intention to alter one possible future? Is this a warning to help those who are here prepare?

Clearly the dream is what it is. The interpretation is the key element as one can never really know about future events until they come to pass.

So the question is how would you, on a personal level, relate to such a dream if this was your child? Particularly if the child saw these alien creatures while awake and conscious? Authentic or hoax? Could you accept this as a possible future event and prepare or would you just dish the child and ignore the dream message?

And if one were to prepare.. then the issue is prepare for what?

The two movies that recently were released and are in theatres are The Knowing and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Both with messages of the end of the world as we know it. One is a solar flare that takes out the solar system and the other an alien process that eventually takes out the electrical system so as to give the people of the earth an opportunity to change and live in harmony with our planet. It is ironic that this child's dream is similar yet different where the children or people of the planet are taken as slaves for an alien race.

I was recently told by one off-worlder and alien contactee that there is an alien space battle going on right now in the space above us over who is going to control the human population. One wonders who is winning. However, praying for angelic intervention and assistance is something we can do. Preparing is some we can do. Using our conscious intention creating a different positive future is something we can do. One thing for sure, there will be many more dreams and visions as the time gets closer to an event horizen. It is up to us, as an individual, to determine how we wish to move forward.

Solar flare? Magnetic storm?
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