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Default Re: South East England Ground Crew

hi guys and gals, just been trying to organise something for the london g.c. on the 1st Nov, so i suggested a quite pub on the outskirts of m25 say 10 miles outside. i dont think there will be that many people turn up at first so no point in wasting money on a venue like david icke has in the past. theres lots of lovely quiet pubs where we can make contacts and try to get people out of the mind set of 'well, i have work to worry about or the next mortgage payment. thats all irrellivent as by 2011 life and chaos is gonna be wreaking havoc on the populus with kids running around with knives and guns. ask urselves seriously, do u think any of these thugs/idiot/greedy f@#kers are going to think twice about u when the waters off and food is scarce. buy equipment now like knives/machettes, seeds for growing crops, gold coins, silver for trade and medical purposes. handy small books of survival, first aid and plant recognition/free food gathering, warm clothes, wind up electrical equipment like torches, lanterns, sw/lw radios, fire starting equipment. best buy stuff soon as inflation will hit u guys soon and money wont be worth anything except to keep u warm in a fire!

doom and gloom but a real thing and its time for people to start moving out of their comfort zone into the real crisis thats gonna happen.

anyways, peace and love KE
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