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Default Re: South East England Ground Crew

i am from the east coast, lowestoft to be more precise, i do not think it will be necessary to start up a communal living space just yet, its more important to get a stock of food and water before anything triggers the start of the mass panic buy (anyone who lives in the uk knows if it snows two inches all of the bread, milk and other general goods quickly disapear of the shelves) and to basically sit tight, try and help people, share your food and drink with people who need it when and if any of this actually happens, although i do feel the **** is about to hit the fan, i am a keen believer in wilcock and he seems pretty certain that what deagle was saying in the oct 4th phone call will not happen, and i hope and pray for all of our sakes that he is right, but better to be safe than sorry so i'm preparing for the worst over the next few days, if the banks go down i can see some pretty knarly stuff happening...

peace and love
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