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Thank you gs craig, in my opinion it just gets better and better, the air is fresher and the thoughts are getting clearer . I feel sorry for anyone who does not understand the old agenda will simply not work anymore. I also feel sorry for anyone readying to jump on the this next ship of fools clearly not knowing
A. they may not even be invited
B. you have to be a dupe to consider it .
have you got your papers? No one aboard Av2 without a spiritual bumcheck arrrrgh!!!
It has been a timely parting of the waters and I am truly in awe of the season of exposure, and boy is it a long one , years more of Pluto in capricorn , better get right with jesus... nawww, but who knows, probably a very cool dude, I don't think he was into glamour and illusion, and some say from sirius.
I digress, thanks bro, if i may.
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