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Default Re: Dismiss RFID 'Mark of the Beast' Lawsuit

Unfortunately I think the majority of people will accept chips being put in them all the while bleating "I've got nothing to hide"

When the big boys finally decide they are going to do this we will be bombarded with stories of child kidnappings and elderly people getting lost, along with heroic tales of lives being saved due to chips. Once the machine starts up there will be no stopping it with the majority of people either trusting their government or being too scared to stand up and say "NO". If all else fails they will make it mandatory in children and won't allow them in schools without them (just like vaccines), parents who refuse will then be harassed by social services as unfit parents.

On the other hand maybe enough people will have the gumption to actually stand up and refuse it - this is what I'm hoping

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I just


that they think ANY of us want to be chipped or will just say "sure. chip away buddy. Do i get a wowwypop after your done??"

I hope they do try and chip us all actually. Maybe itll ignite the fire within and we will actually start to tell the gubment to eff off and die.

OH, and WAY TO GO AMISH for bein bada$$es. Way to stand up to the man. heh heh heh...
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