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Default Whistleblower Goes To Prison, illegal Swiss tax cheats walk free

Awesome $20 billion in illegal accounts

Birkenfeld, a whistleblower, is the 'only one' going to prison

Why Is the Whistleblower Who Exposed the Massive UBS Tax Evasion Scheme the Only One Heading to Prison?
A former banker for the Swiss giant UBS who blew the whistle on the biggest tax-evasion scheme in US history is preparing to head to prison tomorrow to begin serving a forty-month federal sentence. Bradley Birkenfeld first came forward to US authorities in 2007 and began providing inside information on how UBS was helping thousands of Americans hide assets in secret Swiss accounts. We speak with his attorney, Stephen Kohn, the executive director of the National Whistleblowers Center.

14,000 wealthy clients pay fines, names withheld, UBS agreed (with clients) to have no papers trails (meeting in person), tax forms checked for no foreign assets.

Clients are in positions of power in USA.

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