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Default Re: The Real Mer ka Ba?

Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
Hi Stardustaquarion,

I had already read that link, and also most of the rest of the free stuff.
I've also read works from others. I've also had my own geometrical

I just perceive duality as a necessary property of energy manifesting, rather
than a good versus bad scenario. I don't think any opposite path truly exists,
after all, what could everything that exists possibly be opposed to

I didn't really think anyone could answer my original question about the
relevance of 20Hz/20kHz with anything but an opinion.... but I do like to live
in hope

Wonderful, opposite does not mean bad it means contrary directions as if one is going south and the other north. So, some will chose to express themselves in co-resonance with the Laws of the Cosmos and others will chose to break those laws. Both are valid choices that carry diferent consequences in energy terms as to whether a expression of conscioussness will increase or disapear

I think you are quite correct, manifested expression will always be a dual expression even in the worlds that are in co-resonance with the laws of the cosmos. What will be relative is the amount of duality expressed. It is never dead in the centre 50/50. For example in Earth 66 pct is opposite expression and 33 pct is co-resonant expression

Your original questions are the opposite of my original questions, they denote a different paradigm that in my opinion is not the one playing here so, in a opposite way your questions regarding what if the Earth... have been answered but not in the way you may have expected because what you are seeking is reasurance that what you want to be is. Reasurance of a theory that has not been elucidated is not possible because you have not put forth the elements that support your ideas as simple observation of the environment around us will rather support my theories that there is something unnatural happening in the planet

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