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Default Re: The Real Mer ka Ba, not the new age disinformation.

Hi Panta Rhei

I agree with you that one's body should do this things naturally and it appears that it used to be like that in the past

But what if the merkaba of the planet is spining the wrong way around? what if it is true that the sun is dieing? what if spining the merkaba in the oposite direction is what has caused for humans to die in the first place?

What I see around me in the world is not promissing, I see a dieying world that is rappidly running out of resources, I see ecosystems out of balance and Earth changes that are accelerating in a exponencial way

That does not indicate to me that the planet is healthy and you know what, I think the reversed merkaba and the destruction of the ecosystems are related

I don't advise you to do either but I will suggest that it may be worth investigating the hard sciences behind each possibility, where is the information coming from and which is the agenda of the people that are promoting either way, before submiting ones body to something that may be truly damaging and aling one with a paradigm that may no support ascension

I am working myself which is truly amazing and it is a quadra universe merkaba, in other words a merkaba that alows you to go to four different universes beyond this 15 dimensional reality. I haven't master it yet but it certainly creates a different space

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