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Default Re: The Real Mer ka Ba, not the new age disinformation.

Originally Posted by Buffalo View Post
I agree with many posts, that one must be discerning to the most advanced degree, when exploring the energy system of our Time Matrix. Until one can understand the context for the struggle of this planetary system and the corresponding Angelic( Guardian)Human DNA template, one will not understand the motivations of the vast majority of the " New Age" movements It is my sincere opinion, that until one reads the Voyager Books by Ashayana Deane, and explores the information on the Azurite website, regarding the MCEO teachings, they will not truley "get' what is taking place during this unique time in human history. This information is utterly unique in its scope and detail, and leaves no room for interpretation.
My alarm bells always start ringing when I hear about a technique or a certain teaching that
says 'without following it one will never get it'. Activating the Merkabah/Kundalini/etc is a very
natural process that starts when we do our inner homework and there are no special
techniques or complicated mind-choking textes needed and it's completely for free

Sure when we do what resonates that's always the best for us, I'm just saying it always sounds a bit
strange to me when a teacher of a certain technique says that 'the New Age movement has been
undermined and my technique is the only one to save you all'. There is also a lot of 'fighting the
negative' in those textes. MyPlanet2 has written a wonderful posting recently with a similar topic.
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