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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by Mercuriel View Post
Hmmm - This reminds Me of the Pulses the Animus have put out.

I felt My first pulse in 89. Many since - Now experienced mainly as Clicks - Whistles - Tones - And changing Visions.

Saw the first wave go right across Our Reality in front of Me. A line actually went through the Reality with it being slightly different on both sides of this Diagonal Line as It moved past Me and then out of My apartment...

They were supposed to be Incoming around 2010 - 2011. If this is so - They've arrived early. Hmmm - The Verdants have been busy. Interesting indeed...

The only thing I can contribute to this data is that recently my sessions that were taking me back to my first separation from static started to run "funny", as if self-sabotaged somehow. But I also checked for exterior infuence and got a read of an AI facility somewhere in Colorado. A fellow spiritual clearer, independently of my knowledge, also had an encounter with the intent to stop him.

I looked around the AI facility and my attention was on the bio-engineering (addressing that now in clearing work) level. But I also saw a huge mechanism (I'm NOT an engineer, more an aesthetique) and lo and behold there was a picture of me on one of their screen -- in real time, because I was munching some snack, and on the screen I was also munching on same snack! "Hey! That's me!"

The mechanism came across to me as an AI/Time Shifting device. It also ties in with my relationship with a certain Draco who appears to be a future me and a past me and who escaped the facility, but not without shredding the ends of his wings. Now I know why I saw him originally without his uniform -- probably cannot time shift with too much extraneous material.

Oh, also, some alarm due to my presence and awareness of them and someone in a white lab coat got busy on an instrument panel. Then I went down to a "basement" area and saw a black sticky pool and a Baphomet type entity was coming up out of the black pool. It was quite a passive entity -- looked like it would need to be programmed, which I surmise is what they do in the "basement".

Looks like they are covering all the bases.

Because of my particular attention on the bio-engineering section, I am now connecting with a being who played a major universe-role in bringing bodies to the forefront in this universe. This being once loomed large in my spiritual karmic history but now, upon clearing him, I see he is still a small player. However, he seems to have played a major role on this category of planet bodies.

The beings who I call the "AnnunakI", or you might call "Verdants" (hyperversals, "Keepers of the Technologies" they call themselves) seem to be now looming large on my karmic radar.

Yes, super agreement on the historical fact that when beings start to become aware planet-wide, off-planet forces come into play when self-awareness reaches a level above tolerance. In addition to raising one's self-awareness, it seems one must also be aware of and know how to clear negative polarized beings. Well, that's a mouthful and wish I could state it less awkwardly, but this is still a somewhat new way of seeing what I am seeing, but I have not seen anything yet that I did not feel confident a few of us could connect with and clear :-)

The way I see it these beings secretly, deep down, really want to be healed, why else would they come knocking on my door
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