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Default Re: DMT and altered states of consciousness

We actually used this in psychotherapy and tried it ourselves prior to it becoming illegal. The first time one uses DMT is the best experience if it is set up correctly because that is the first and last big usage of serotonin stored within the brain. DMT depletes the serotonin and those who use DMT repeatedly tend to end up in a profound depression. The experience while being on DMT can become highly addictive and some of the neuropathways can become damaged later where memory may become a bit impaired.

However, the experience also opens up the heart chakra and can be beneficial if done in the right therapeutic or spiritual context. During my experience I walked through the veil between this world and the next. I could easily see the timelines (forward and backwards) of why things were the way they were and experience a profound understanding and perspective of the reason things were they way they were.

DMT works really well to dissolve emotional blocks within interpersonal relationships and just one time using it can open a doorway to years of exploration and integration of consciousness at multiple levels. There is more I could add but this is enough for now.
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