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Default Re: DMT and altered states of consciousness


I too have read DMT: The Spirit Molecule and found it to be very fascinating. It was somewhat inspiring in that I have often thought of pursuing a similar experiment with salvinorin from Salvia divinorum to see what the outcome would be given that Salvinorin is allegedly even more potent than DMT.

Like you, I have used psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and mescaline-containing cacti. Take note, however, that none of these three things are equivalent to DMT nor do they contain DMT. Psilocybin, LSD, and mescaline are all three molecules unique and different from DMT.

My experiences with DMT have been in the form of ingesting, both orally and anally, the brewed mixture of Peganum harmala seed and Mimosa hostilis rootbark. After a very pleasant initial experience with this mixture, I have tried several times since to recreate the easily integrated bliss and joy of that first time that allowed for conscious physical functioning. Each time since I have had rather difficult side effects. This led to my trying the enema method I referenced above. While I did not vomit---I also did not vomit the first time---I felt as if something needed to be released that never was. It was, however, a much more pleasant experience than when vomiting was a component. Rest assured, however, that there was an eventual bowel evacuation before the intense effects took hold.

Other than during the initial experience, I have been alone and have focused on closing my eyes and embarking on an inward journey of visions and messages---a more meditative, focused state. The last time (the enema) was very intense, and I spent at least an hour of the peak experience supine on my futon in a state that could only be described as out-of-body. I could not tell if my eyes were open or closed, I could not tell if my heart were beating, and I could not notice myself breathing. There was a sense of pure consciousness that I transcended my physical body in awareness. That is the best way I can put it into words. It was not a terrifying experience but intense and meaningful. There was a distinct message of it not being my time to depart this dimension, realm, frequency, what-have-you and that I had things yet to accomplish. An ongoing theme of mine is a feeling of being lost, not belonging, and being out of place among the current human paradigm, mind you, so this message was viewed as supportive and encouraging.

Recently, I have acquired Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis and intend to get to know this combination in the near future. From what I have read on the Internet about others' experiences, the P. harmala can be more physically unpleasant, when used as the MAOI component, than the B. caapi. Many times the negative side effects I mentioned above were in the form of intense headaches and/or lingering nausea after any pleasant effects had worn off. These negative side effects often lasted much longer than any euphoric effects.

I have never smoked/vaporized DMT, but from what I have heard from friends and Internet descriptions, my enema experience was pretty close to the intensity of direct inhalation. In general, I should say that the enema experience was overall the most intense, free of side effects, and the method I shall choose again.

Oral DMT admixtures seem to be generally more physically unpleasant than psilocybin, LSD, or mescaline. If you choose to orally ingest DMT, be prepared for possible vomiting accompanied by a most intensely unpleasant feeling that is immediately followed by feelings of lightness and euphoria. Before using DMT in any form, I suggest doing exhaustive research into others' experiences, which I am sure you already have do. Keep us all posted on your experience(s). You are sure to learn something in the process.


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