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Default Re: A day and a half of chemtrails time lapsed

re Ley lines -- some yrs ago i was in my local bar, & an British man visiting the area & i were talking, mostly about politics -- before he left, out of the blue he asked me if i knew anything about Ley lines -- at the time i was living on one, near a power spot & very close to an Iroquois burial mound dug up/desecrated by a local university -- he told me he'd researched them, the Ley lines, & that people living on them had a much higher rate of suiclide/illness/ divorce etc

it was while i was living here that i woke up during the abduction, & fought off reptilians & greys for 3 wks -- friends who slept overnght on the couch had weird dreams

i'm assuming that the Ley lines themselves, being of the Earth, are essentially a source of loving healing energy, but that the nwo is grabbing/manipulating this energy as well as all the rest of it they can -- i wonder how many 'cell phone' towers are placed on the lines?

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