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Exclamation New Bill Seeks to Restrict Access to Dietary Supplements in US

I normally, don't get involved, but this one crosses the line for me.

If you live in the US and don't want to have to get a script and pay even
higher prices just to take a vitamin, or any other number of other supplements,
use the "take action" link on the above page and contact your

Sincerely ****** off


A bill has been introduced to the Senate that would drive up the cost of dietary supplements and restrict your access to them. This bill seeks to give the FDA arbitrary control over what supplements you are allowed to have.

This bill proposes to squander tax revenue, while burdening the private sector with oppressive laws that will hinder scientific advances and increase costs. The net effect will be to take away your free access to dietary supplements.

Pharmaceutical interests are obviously behind this latest effort to legislatively force more Americans towards expensive prescription drugs and away from natural ways of preventing degenerative disease.

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