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Default Re: Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray - BODY ELECTRONICS

A raw foods diet which includes some raw animal foods (as well as some supplements) is one of four principal pillars of a natural healing system called Body Electronics (BE). This system has been labeled by several natural health writers (including Roy Kupsinel, MD) as one of the most powerful natural healing systems in the world.

1. Superfood Enzymes

2. Liquid Colloidal Minerals, and mineral capsules.

3. Cod liver oil and flax oil - cold pressed and
organic source

4. Probiotics - Good bacteria for gastrointestinal health.

5. Oxygen

6. Mature green papaya

Body Electronics originated in the 1950's. It is a very powerful psycho-spiritual system involving bodywork that uses pressure-points to uncover and help resolve that which is locked into the body as physical trauma, emotional suppression and limiting mental beliefs.
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