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Lightbulb Re: Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray - BODY ELECTRONICS

Body Electronics
by Douglas W. Morrison

Body Electronics is a unique system of self healing. Through nutrient saturation (proper diet and natural supplementation), a revolutionary method of sustained acupressure, and the understanding and application of the basic laws governing the physical, emotional and mental bodies, one can achieve health.

Outer and Inner

Body Electronics was developed over fifty years ago by the late Dr. John Whitman Ray. One of the basic principles is that:

The physical body is the outer manifestation or reflection of inner consciousness. The various conditions arising on the outer are simply reflections of what already exists on the inner in patterns of thought, word, and emotion. When thought, word and emotion are held in a continual state of creation (whether consciously by choice or unconsciously through our resistance), they will eventually come into manifestation in the outer.

"What you resist will persist." No true permanent physical healing can occur without a change of consciousness. If the underlying patterns are not transmuted, then any other changes will be only temporary. The outer symptoms will eventually reappear if the inner causes remain intact. The bottom line is change of consciousness.

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies

Consider the physical, emotional and mental bodies. The physical body is the tangible vehicle of flesh and blood. Next is the emotional body. The great key to transmuting all resistance on the emotional body is to experience all with enthusiasm. At the mental level we are capable of simultaneous viewing of both sides of a given duality. When done from a position of unconditional love and forgiveness, we can then encompass that duality. Resistance originates here at the mental level. Once we resist an area of life to some degree, from then on we draw to ourselves similar experiences, which we tend to resist also.

Suppressed Thoughts, Words and Emotions

In the physical body the eventual result of resistance is the formation of the melanin protein complex or "crystal". These "organic computer chips" store suppressed thoughts, words and emotions. These also hinder the free flow of cerebrospinal fluid, impede nerve supply and circulation, increase lymphatic congestion, and contribute to poor nutrition and elimination at the cellular level, and more. This sad progression continues if the cause is not removed. And the crystals themselves are not the cause, but simply another symptom. The true cause lies not on the physical level but in our consciousness. The eventual results are acute and chronic disease, abnormal tissue, cancer, etc. The crystals operate as a stimulus-response mechanism whereby most of what is happening all around us never makes it to our awareness. Most information is simply intercepted by the crystals, which then trigger various predetermined behaviors with computerlike precision. Free agency is lost thereby.

Releasing Resistances through Discipline on All Levels

Now with the discipline of Body Electronics it is possible to undo that which we ourselves have set in motion. We must begin at the bottom in reversing this situation, which means we move from the physical body to the emotional and eventually to the mental in the process of uncreating the self-imposed bondage of our own resistances. We begin by obeying physical laws, which will have their result in dissolving the various crystals. Chief among these are various laws of nutrition as well as appropriate application of Body Electronics. These dissolve the crystals in the body, yielding up the suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion. Hence by some measure of physical discipline we access the emotional body. Each level herein is mastered by simply experiencing it with enthusiasm, for anything less than enthusiasm is rooted in some form of resistance. At the level of the mental body we are capable of viewing the duality and encompassing both sides of it simultaneously. This resolves the existing resistance and restores our free agency in this area of life. This is change of consciousness. We will have a noticeable absence of restriction in this area as a result. Our prior limitations become conspicuous for their absence. We become capable of ever expanding free agency through our continual application of these principles. Our window of free agency expands as each layer of resistance and judgment melts away like dew before the morning sun. Darkness will fight against the Light, yet Light will eventually prevail if we are willing to attain and maintain the application of certain basic principles on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Restoration of Health on All Levels

Through the correct application of Body Electronics, many thousands of people have been able to achieve the return to health on all levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The restoration of nerve supply and circulation, the renewal of full endocrine function, the regeneration of damaged or absent tissue, the reduction or elimination of abnormal tissue, the overcoming of all manner of disease conditions, the release of physical and emotional trauma, the liberation of the heart, mind & spirit -- these are things that many people have brought about for themselves through Body Electronics. I have seen many people experience what most would consider to be miracles. Yet when seen in a broader context we realize that such miracles are but the inevitable result of obedience to natural law as taught in Body Electronics, truly "the Science of Bodily Regeneration."

Working on All Levels

The process of returning to a state of health is made possible on a physical level by establishing good nutritional habits and other beneficial practices. However, the condition of our bodies is dependent upon consciously or unconsciously held patterns of thought, word, and emotion. Inner essence (cause) and outer manifestation (effect) are inseparable yet distinct. The process of healing may be greatly facilitated by addressing the body in ways that also have an impact on emotional and mental levels, that address patterns of resistance. Body Electronics is a healing modality which is designed to do just that.

Overcoming Our Various Limitations

We each exist within the confines of a physical body. Each body has its particular genetic inheritance, whether this entails an excellent constitution and vigorous health or a host of inherited health problems. Within the crystalline structure of our body will be encoded suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion which will include traumas and other events of our lifetime, as well as patterns reflecting the Hereditary Level, the Soul Level, and the Entity Level. The condition of the physical body will be greatly influenced by physical factors such as diet and lifestyle. The underlying reactive patterns that we possess will also exert a tremendous influence on our health. Our experiences, our perceptions of these experiences, and our physical health will all be influenced by the information locked into our crystals. This information will be at various frequencies, and as like attracts like, certain experiences of a similar vibration will be drawn to us as to a beacon. On the outer level health varies from person to person. On the inner level we each exist within parameters and limitations determined by our own crystals.

Nutrient Saturation

The process of healing must begin at the physical level, where we work to dissolve the crystals. In Body Electronics this is commenced quite effectively through establishing a state of nutrient saturation in the body through diet and supplements. That this condition of nutrient saturation is necessary for the successful application of Body Electronics was discovered by Dr. Ray well over forty years ago as a result of his own experimentation with numerous individuals, and this has been repeatedly demonstrated by numerous other individuals since that time. The healing crises necessary for the regeneration of the body, which are triggered by the correct application of Body Electronics, are dependent upon the presence of all necessary nutrients. One of the factors which indicates that Body Electronics is working properly is that the pointholder experiences tremendous heat in the points during the session. A lack of heat, a lesser amount of heat, or a minimal duration of heat in the points are all frequently experienced when the person being held has not been sufficiently prepared nutritionally. In such cases after more extensive nutritional preparation, another pointholding session will result in much heat and impressive results. In numerous instances where the points have begun to cool down prematurely, indicating that there are insufficient nutrients to continue the process, it has been observed that the points rapidly heat back up when certain supplements, notably chelated colloidal minerals, are administered.

Release of Suppressed Information

Suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion are stored in the body in crystals, which may also be considered as "organic computer chips" or melanin-protein complexes. Basically they are storehouses of information, in the form of thought, word and emotion, which are held in a continual state of creation by our resistance to life. True healing cannot take place without this information being accessed and transmuted with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness. The catch is that as long as this information remains locked in the crystals, it is effectively at the level of unconsciousness, characterized by a lack of awareness, existing at the bottom of the scale of emotions. As long as this lack of awareness persists, transmutation of these patterns, and thus healing, is not possible, for as Dr. Ray has expressed it, "we certainly cannot transmute that which we cannot even remember." We must begin the process of true healing by dissolving the crystals.

As the crystals dissolve, the information in them is released sequentially. With respect to the scale of emotions, this means that we move from unconsciousness up to apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and eventually enthusiasm. Traumas are also released in order of increasing severity. Traumas of lesser severity will be released before those of greater intensity. This is where the state of nutrient saturation enters into the picture, for in addition to providing the physical materials necessary for healing, nutrient saturation helps to initiate the dissolving of the crystals and the consequent release of the information contained therein. It is a common experience upon beginning on this program of nutrient saturation to reexperience various emotions, memories and associated word patterns prior to receiving any Body Electronics. Old memories which have not been recalled for years may surface. Intense emotions such as grief, fear or anger may surface for no apparent reason as we begin to reexperience the information locked into our crystals.

Moving up the Scale of Emotions

The process of dissolving the crystals is accelerated considerably through the appropriate use of Dr. Ray's unique method of sustained acupressure known as Body Electronics. As the crystals dissolve, the information which has been locked into them begins to come up so it can be experienced. We move through the emotional body in reverse order from unconsciousness up to enthusiasm. Each of the emotions is transmuted by experiencing it with enthusiasm. The process of transmuting that particular emotion involves encompassing the emotion with enthusiasm. In other words, enthusiasm is experienced to the encompassment of the lesser emotion and not to the exclusion. To pretend that the resisted emotion is not present is to continue the process of suppression. Rather, the resisted emotion is acknowledged and then transmuted by enthusiastically experiencing it. If we feel anger, for example, we simply acknowledge that we do, accepting ourselves for feeling that way, rather than trying to ignore the anger. Various thought patterns are experienced along with the associated emotional patterns as well as the word patterns or verbal expressions. The thought patterns are the sensory patterns of time, place, form and event.

As we rise up the scale of emotions and specific memory gradually returns, at last the pain level is reached. At this level the full memory returns and is accompanied by the burning pain of the kundalini fire in which the regeneration of the physical body occurs. During the kundalini experience, we literally feel as if we are burning up from the inside out. Emotional body resistance is burned out by this experience. As we then rise to the level of enthusiasm, the mental body may be accessed. Resistance originates in judgment, which originally occurs on the mental body level when we identify with one side of a given duality to the exclusion of the other. At the mental body level we now have the opportunity to once more view both sides of the duality. When the duality is encompassed with unconditional love, wherein each side can be simultaneously viewed from a position of equanimity and impartiality, the resistance and judgment are transmuted. At this point we are simultaneously aware of both sides of the duality and have neither resistance nor attachment to either. This is change of consciousness. When a change of consciousness occurs, the associated crystals which have been dissolved during the process do not reappear later. If crystals simply dissolve or are broken up without any ensuing change of consciousness, they will eventually reform. However, the situation is not all or nothing. Rather, the extent to which consciousness remains unchanged is the extent to which crystals will reform.

Change of Consciousness is the Key

Such a change of consciousness occurs is indeed true healing, for not only has the physical body been transformed in the process but also the emotional body and mental body. Healing has occurred on all three levels. In the absence of resistance and crystallization in a given area, from that point on we will experience health and a lack of limitation on all three levels. Each area of resistance and judgment may gradually be mastered in this manner. The dramatic improvements in physical health which occur during this process are merely the tip of the iceberg. The far more magnificent process of transmutation occurs at the higher levels of the emotional and mental bodies. The visible changes on the outer level are permanent and lasting because they are the result of a change on the inner level. The physical symptoms which were the reflection of various resisted patterns of thought, word and emotion will not return because the underlying cause for them no longer exists. It is that simple.

In Body Electronics work with nutrition and the pointholding are only the beginning of the process. The ultimate goal of all such activity is not simply to remove physical symptoms, but to change consciousness by transmuting the underlying reactive patterns. This can and has been done by many people, and whenever a dramatic and permanent physical change has occurred it has been the direct result of such a change of consciousness.
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