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Default Re: OUOTE: "“kill the children of the members who voted yes.”

Most people have the common sense not to kick a sleeping bear. Why? Well, first of all it's wrong to kick an animal. And also, because the bear is much bigger than you are and can outrun you and take you down quite easily.

But, that is exactly what has happened with Obamacare. I would never advocate any violence. The issue is that despite the social mores of that we are living in a democracy, a large number of sleeping people just got kicked. The fact is that there are not enough weapons, police, and armed forces to subvert all of the people from expressing themselves. I have seen large polls showing 60% - 70% of people opposed the bill.

You won't see me protesting in the street, but for many people this is a rather rude wake up call. The legal process obviously did not work, what the bill does is wrong, and the reality is that some of these sleeping people probably are going to do some extreme things.

It's wrong to kick a sleeping bear.

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