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Default Re: Let them eat Cake !

since this forum is closing soon, & since i do not plan to go to any of its offshoots, i'll post my super doom&gloom/Ms Negativity p.o.v. here

i'm imagining what it would be like to be a higher dimensional being travelling thru the Universes & chancing upon our solar system -- the h.d. being would first become aware of Earth from hearing the unceasing screams of pain coming from the millions of animals being killed for food & sport, & the screams & cries of pain from the millions of humans dying in wars, thru starvation, in brutal prisons, etc

looking thru the dark astral cloud created by all this suffering surrounding Earth, the h.d. being sees that the water, air, & earth of this planet are all poisoned to such an extent that many species are already dying -

wondering what is going on, the h.d.being ventures thru the astral cloud, & sees that most of the humanoids, who appear to be the dominant species, are engaging in activities that are very destructive to an already sickly planet

this puzzles the h.d. being, whose experiences thruout the Universes have been that usually when a species realizes they are killing the planet & hence themselves, the species gets its act together & starts a planetary clean-up

so the h.d. being looks much closer, & sees that there is a very sophisticated system of mind control being directed at the humanoids by reptilian beings from 4D, a dimension largely innaccessible to the humanoids

the h.d. being sees that the mind control system works on several levels, & that most humanoids are controlled by the use of their own language & other symbols, a worldwide tech-based communication system serving this purpose -- the h.d. being sees that apathy & self-centeredness are encouraged by this communication system, & some understanding of the humanoids' willing participation in their own destruction comes to the h.d. being [tho the reptilians in control of this planet have been pushed to the edges of a rather insignificant Galaxy, the h.d. being is familiar w/their planet-trashing history]

very concerned now, the h.d. being looks more closely at the humanoids, scanning back thru time to see what else is going on leading to the humanoids' lemming-like rush to destruction -- the h.d. being sees that about 50 yrs ago, there was a groundswell of awakening, especially among the young ones, that they were destroying their planet & themselves, but that many of these who were waking up then are now sleeping again

tracking them, the h.d. being sees several reasons for these humanoids' forgetting that they are destroying themselves -- one big reason is another use of the mind control , by the simple switch of words, from 'destruction' to 'ascension' -- this idea is spread to the humanoids thru what they call 'channelers' who work hard to get their listeners to believe that they can escape the destruction by having only pretty thoughts--

the h.d. being feels sad, seeing that those who buy into this could have been the warriors who tipped the scale & awakened their fellow humanoids; but, instead, they are all awaiting their ascension & are already psychologically disconnected from their planet & from the suffering of the others who live there w/them

when leaving this sad planet, the h.d. being meets some other h.d. beings, One leading the others, whose job it is to be there when the mass deaths occur, to save as many humanoids as possible from the 4D soul traps laid by the reptilians -- 'Rough job -- good luck,' the h.d. being says to them before taking off

Peace & Freedom, wynderer

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