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Default Re: How to save the world... My way.

Originally Posted by xbusymom View Post
I am putting my name on several things at this point... I sent out an email, made flyers to pass around at the mall, etc.

I would be easier to be faceless and nameless, but that IMHO is just continuing the secrecy of the current regime'...

BUT, (a very big "but" here) you have to be willing to risk the bullseye that you are putting on yourself... and only you can decide that...
I totally understand what you mean here. I'm a true believer that you must go 'all in' in every aspect if you are to achieve something here, including putting your full name, adress whatever to really put yourself in support of what you want to achieve. I'm still hesitating to putt my FULL name on the website, I even took away my registration data from the WHOIS records... At this time it feels right to do it, don't know why exactly..

I saw your list on names and I must say that really resonated with me! Awesome! You see! I would never have come up with that! The power of the many is so cool and this is just another proof that we all complete eachother. I will register that domain at once and at the beginning I guess I'll just point it to

Again, AWESOME!!

With LOVE!
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