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Talking Re: OZ Media UFOs

Originally Posted by P4BL0 View Post
Thank you atama.
I've watched the interview.
This was talked about and admitted 10 years ago by some of the astronauts.
Australian media is dumb and the people who only know what is shown on the TV, they are also dumb.
No disrespect tough.
That's the good thing about having a forum like this one.
Here we can share and learn about the deeper subjects of Spiritualism, Nature, Conspiracies and the Occult.
Turn Off your TV and Log on to Project Avalon ..!

Peace !
no offense taken but i don't watch TV, my mum does. she mentioned to me that 'hey, i might not be crazy'..

my mum isn't stupid because she watches TV either, thats very narrow.
Our media is a joke you're right about that, but i thought this was actually a fair story so i posted the link.
they laughed a bit because the info is overwhelming to those who have not contemplated it. but it was a decent attempt at a serious interview, rare on Australian TV.
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