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Default Re: So long Kids, it's been fun

argh! It's thw tower of babylon all over again - divide and conquor...

Yikes, all these people going to different forums and starting their own little forums. What qwe have/had here was quite special and could almost have reached a critical mass....

It's a pity it seems to be diminishing. Bill and Kerry should rethink their options and seriously consider making donating an optional thing rather than mandatory for contributing to the forums. Given the OPTION of donating rather than being FORCED to, I feel most would donate.

But instead it sounds like all their doing is alienating people.

Maybe they should also realise that many people here have been stung before by this type of thing....

remember - the road to hell is lined with good intentions

(As for if I'll donate or not, I think I may very well but will have to see what the options are as I am a student with a faily large family.... unfortunately, these things come first

love and light

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